Saturday, June 11, 2011

You've let yourself down 1

Mummy Balloon and Daddy Balloon have been having trouble getting Baby Balloon to stay in his own bed at night. But the time comes when Daddy Balloon takes a firm line:
"Come on now Baby Balloon, you're getting too big to sleep in our bed. You must stay in your own bed from now on."
For a few weeks this works fine and Baby Balloon stays in his own room.

Then one night, waking up and feeling lonely, Baby Balloon creeps across the landing to Mummy and Daddy Balloons' bed.

Quietly opening the door and creeping across the bedroom floor, Baby Balloon tries to sneak into the bed.

But no! Bigger now, Baby Balloon finds there is no longer room for him in his parents' bed.

A plan springs to mind.

Reaching across, he lets a little bit of air out of Daddy Balloon. Shssssssssssss. Then he tries again to get into the bed but still there's not enough room.

So he now lets some air out of Mummy Balloon. Shsssssssssss. He tries again to get into bed but still there's not quite enough room.

Finally, then, he lets a little air out of himself. Shssssssssss.

And now there's just enough room so he snuggles down and falls fast asleep.

Next morning Mummy and Daddy Balloon are already up and can be heard downstairs making breakfast. Baby Balloon feels guilty about what happened the night before and slowly creeps goes downstairs and quietly opens the door to the kitchen.

Mummy and Daddy Balloon know that he's there and they turn to look sternly at Baby Balloon. With a tone of mixed anger and sadness, Daddy Balloon says,
"Son, I have to say that I really am disappointed with you, I said you can't sleep with us but you disobeyed me. You've let me down, you've let Mummy down, and, worst of all, you've let yourself down."